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I like to capture stories in an imaginative and honest way. I hope that you are interested in hiring me as your photographer because you are looking for something different and honest to who you are as a couple or family

About My Clients

Just as wedding couples look for a photographer who fits their style and aesthetic, I am also on the lookout for a certain type of couple. I create the best images when I work with the right clients, and it's really important to me that we are the right fit so I can be sure I am making my clients 100% happy. I work best with the non conventional and non traditional couples. Couples who have their weddings in beautiful and meaningful outdoor settings in nature. I do however take on a few city weddings per year, but in that sense it is still important the my clients are non traditional and march to the beat of their own drum with their wedding.

My clients are adventerous beings. They aren’t afraid to get their shoes dirty and they aren’t afraid to go against the unwritten rules of a wedding day. They get giddy about hiking a 1/2 hour to get to an epic location for the engagement session (and sometimes wedding!) They write their own vows. Their wedding photography is one of the highest priorities and they hire me because my work speaks to them. It makes them feel something when they look at my portfolio. They want real images that tell the story of their day.

They do not just do things on their wedding day because it's "how it's supposed to go" they want to celebrate themselves as who they truly are, so they make their own rules. They understand that helps to create a unique story.

They only want real moments captured, and they trust me 100% to do so. They don’t send me list of poses they want to do or photos off pinterest that they want to copy. They want to spend time focusing on their own moments, their own memories. 

They treat me like a friend rather than a hired business-y wedding vendor on their day and I am so darn excited that they chose me to be a part of it. I cap my bookings to a max of 20 per peak season - This is so I ensure that each couple is getting my full and utmost attention. 

I treat my clients like they are friends and I hope for that in return from them.

It’s important that my clients and I see eye to eye with my work, my art. I realize that my photography is not for everyone and that is ok. The important thing is that it is infact for those 20 couples every year that choose to have me as part of their day.  

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