Amy & Noah | Sandals Whitehouse, Jamaica | Destination Wedding Photographer


Meet Amy and Noah, this beautiful, red headed, hilarious North Dakodian couple that I met last year while shooting Amy’s sister Erica’s wedding in St. Paul, MN. Only meeting her and Noah once, I was so extremely honored (and of course excited!) when she contacted me about doing her destination wedding in Jamaica. I often wonder how I became so blessed…this was going to be my second destination wedding in just over 2 years of starting my business – surreal, amazing, gratifying. All of the above.

When I arrived on Wednesday evening (wedding was on Friday) THE ENTIRE FAMILY was burnt to a crisp. (typical midwesterners) Like really burnt. Like had to wear a sweater the next day  and watch TV in their rooms burnt. I believe I immediately told Amy and Co. to put t-shirts on and not let their skin see the light of day until after the ceremony. If you know anything about editing, ehem, skin unevenness is probably the hardest thing to edit unless you want your clients to look like plastic dolls. So….I apologize for any redness on peoples bodies, but I at least got most of the tan lines out of all of the photos (you’re welcome, Amy…hahaha) And if you look like a porcelain doll it’s only because you are as beautiful as one!

Their day wasn’t extremely sunny which I am thankful for. The lighting was absolutely perfect and pairing the gorgeous lighting with the amazing sky, my brand new 50mm 1.4G lens, and the beautiful couple, I new the shoot was going to be easy. They are also both super funny, so I knew I wouldn’t have to tell many of my bad jokes to get them going and to just be themselves. Goal achieved on it’s own, as you will see below.

When I thought we were done with our shoot (typical me to say we are done and then shoot for another 20 mins because my artistic ADD kicks in, haha) the sun suddenly started popping out from under the clouds. The images below of them on the bed of rocks you can see how one minute the sky was normal, and then next the hills behind them turned this amazing hot pink. I looked behind me and all I saw was pink, purple, and blue, and then I about died. I literally pretty much had to go swimming for a couple of those shots, but hey, I took swimming lessons for a reason. The shot was. so. worth. it.

Amy, Noah, Holtan clan, Ellingson clan, and Janie’s sisters/spouses, and everyone involved with this wedding: Thank you. I had such an amazing time with such a close and amazing family. We will all weep to the fact that there are no more Holtan girl weddings for me to photograph, but I hope to have a long relationship with you all in the future. (babies!!) I can’t say enough amazing things about you all!





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