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New Years resolution #1 down. Lordy. I’ve had these images on my hard drive since August and I am so happy to finally write about my amazing trip to Europe with my best friend.

Some may remember that I had some camera mishaps pretty much right away. I traveled to the East Coast with ALL of my camera gear as I was shooting a wedding in Boston the day after I got back. I brought my old-old dslr with me just incase I changed my mind, (a Nikon D-5000) even though I had decided I was going to take my back up D700 to get the best shots possible. Last minute, I had a weird feeling about taking such a large camera and on a whim, so I packed the D5000 and thought I had made a great choice. Fast forward 20 hours while we were at the Berlin Wall and the camera just decides to stop working. Changed to a fresh battery, no bueno.  No error, no blinking – it just didn’t turn on. We get to some internet and I find out that it is a recall with the D5000’s…super bummed.

I ended up purchasing a Nikon D300 body from a VINTAGE camera store (it was literally the ONLY DSLR he had for sale)  and figured having another semi pro camera around wouldn’t hurt anyone. While in Prague I took some (what I thought) fairly epic shots of the St. George Bridge as well as lots of the castles etc. Then the day we were on our way to Vienna I accidentally deleted those. Fail #2 although I was very thankful that they weren’t wedding photos!

Moving onward, I was pretty much thinking that I was not meant to take photos on this trip, but I did anyway haha. From day 2 in Vienna and on, I managed to get some happy shots. Street photography doesn’t come as natural to me as I had expected. I see a lot of moments, but never seemed to have my camera readily available at the time. Travel photography is something I would like to get better at, after all it technically is documenting something, and that is my ultimate goal with weddings. I want to see the world in a different view and with me I want that to start with it photographically.

Enjoy my little trip to Berlin, (not pictured) Prague, (also not pictured) Vienna, (yes! it’s pictured) and where my heart still lies…Croatia <3 I will do my best to describe as the photos are listed.

photo of downtown vienna

downtown Vienna

Krems, Austria


We took an amazing bike tour through the Wachau Valley. The guides were Vienna Explorer, I highly recommend this, it was pretty much the highlight of my trip until Croatia.

what does austria look like

We biked through probably about 6-7 little tiny towns.

Domain Wachau Winery

domain wachau viennatravel photos of grape grazing wine tour

When we got to Durnstien we had the choice of hiking up this mountain to see the ruins where King Richard “The Lionhearted” was held captive. Suuuuper cool and well worth the steep hike.

bicycle wine tour vienna

The ruins. I would have given anything to discover this castle.

Allison and I not knowing how to pose for a camera apparently.

The awesome group we were with! Courtney from Canada and Matt from Iowa 🙂

The vines growing out of the stone walls. I’ve never seen anything like it.

wachau riverwhat is the best wine tour in austria

Our lovely guide! I am so embarrassed I can’t remember her name!

town in austriatravel blog vienna

Allison’s bike happened to be named “Schnitzel” Pretty much our favorite word.

Bike/car ferry across the Danube River

travel blog austria

St. Stephens Cathedral. Unfortunately no images of the inside 🙁

They have the most random combos. Schnitzel, noodles and hot dogs were offered at this stand.

World famous Torte.

vienna opera housewhat does the vienna opera house look like

The Vienna Opera house on our last night there.

We flew to Split, Croatia to save us some time!


where to visit in croatia

I’m about dying right now. The mixture of “vacation” feel and culture is amazing.

We had a wonderful guide who was a friend of a friend take us up (Mt?) Majan. Again on bikes. Epic view, and then I have been talking about how obsessed I am with Croatia since.

The sides of the cliffs had so many of these old church’s built into them.

View of Split.

Our guide told us that the bike ride was going to be “flat-ish” so I wore a sun dress. 2 miles straight uphill and I regretted the dress.

The alley ways are packed with people, restaurants, bars, dancing, you name it. It is like a maze and is so easy to get lost.  Totally love everything about it.

streets of split croatiatravel photography of split, croatia

The town pretty much built around ruins.

Caught a smooch!

shopping district in split

what does croatia look like

sardines at the split markettomotoes at the market in split, croatia

“Sunset” cruise. (aka booze cruise)

booze cruise photos split

We ferry’d it over to Hvar for a couple of nights. Pretty much my favorite place on this Earth.

On Hvar you have to water taxi to all the beaches. And the beaches are like a dance party. I didn’t get very many photos in Hvar because we were out and about so much and I didn’t want to lug my camera around.

water taxi in croatiabeautiful black and white image of the adriadic seahotel lepad

Onto Dubrovnik! We splurged for our last 2 nights and stayed at Hotel Lepad. Ammmmazing.

beautiful image of hotel lepad by amanda schwinghammerbest friends in europekayaking in dubrovnikwhat does dubrovnik look like

A view of the fortress walls.

Inside the fortress walls.

There were cats everywhere in Dubrovnik. Everywhere.

Our last relaxing day at Hotel Lepad!!! What an epic journey! I wish i were better with names but if anyone has any questions about where to travel/stay here I would be happy to recommend!


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